Membership to The Continental Divide Herding Association can be done here by filling out the online form
or by printing the form and mailing it.

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I/we hereby apply membership in the Continental Divide Herding Association (CDHA)
and as a member agree to abide by the constitution, by-laws, standing rules, and procedures of
CDHA. Further, I/we hold CDHA, it's membership, officers, directors, and appointees harmless from
any claim for loss or injury of any type whatsoever, alleged to have been caused, directly or
indirectly, through negligence or any other cause, to myself, my dog(s), my property,
my family members, my guests, or my invitees as a result of my participation in or attendance at
any function sponsored by CDHA at any location. I personally assume all responsibility for any
such claim(s), and further assume full liability and responsibility and agree to pay for any and
all damage caused by myself, my dog(s), my family members, my guests, or my invitees to
any and all property, members(s), dog(s), livestock or any other persons at any function
sponsored by CDHA.

I/we promise to abide by CDHA's Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules as well as those of the
American Kennel Club by clicking this box

For new applicants, two sponsors who are currently CDHA members in good standing need to sponsor
you. If you do not know two members, submit your application with sponsor signature lines left blank.
Your membership will be voted on at the board meeting following the publication of your name(s) on CDHA's Yahoo Membership Groups.








Bearded Collie
Australian Cattle Dog
Giant Schnauzer
Welsh Corgi
Bouvier des Flandres
Belgian Sheepdog
Shetland Sheepdog
German Shepherd
Cardigan Corgi
Border Collie
Rottweiler bearded collie Welsh Corgi Bouvier des Flandres Valhund Belgian sheepdog Shetland Sheepdog German Shepherd Pembroke Cardigan Border colloe Collie